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After move office, logistics will be moving

17 May 2017 

After the move of our office, the logistics will be outsourced to Kloosterboer Cool Port. Please take a look at the changes.

CargoCard will also be mandatory at Cool Port

30 March 2017 

May-June this year, Total Produce B.V. will outsource it’s logistics to Kloosterboer. We would like to inform you on the usage of the CargoCard.

Update - move to Cool Port

4 January 2017 

October 2016, Total Produce B.V. signed an agreement with Kloosterboer, symbolising the green light for the move to Cool Port. A short update.

Jan-Willem Kaslander as of the 1st of January 2017 assumed as new Commercial Director

3 January 2017 

Total Produce B.V. in Rotterdam welcomes Jan-Willem Kaslander as of the 1st of January 2017 as new Commercial Director.

Socially, sportive and financially investment in a sustainable world

1 September 2016 

Total Produce B.V. dedicates itself socially, sportive and financially to invest in a sustainable world.

The creation of the Nadorcott

15 October 2015 

Near Afourer the foundation was laid for the Nadorcott. After several hybrids, the product evolved to become a tasty, (nearly) seedless product.