Nature One Fresh Produce

2011: 1,241 mld. (EU: 503,5 mln.)

GNR in US$
2011: 1.848 mld. (EU: 17.584 mld.)

GNR, growth (annualy in %)
2011: 6,9 (EU: 1,5)

GNR per head (US$)
2011: 1.489 (EU: 34.923)

Agriculture, contribution GNR (in %)
2011: 17,2 (EU: 1,5)


With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population numbers and has a strongly growing economy. The vastness of the country means that it has several climate zones, from temperate in the north to tropical in the south. India is a major producer of fruit, also due to the fact that many of its inhabitants are vegetarians.

Total Produce B.V. works together with growers from Nasik for the production of grapes, resulting in significant production growth in recent years.

Although production is generally fragmented, thanks to intense collaboration with high-quality suppliers and an effective track-and-trace system, Total Produce B.V. can offer consistent quality to its buyers and guarantee food safety.