Tangelo (UGLI)

Trout Hall

2011: 2,7 mln. (EU: 503,5 mln.)

GNR in US$
2011: 14 mld. (EU: 17.584 mld.)

GNR, growth (annualy in %)
2011: - (EU: 1,5)

GNR per head (US$)
2011: 5.330 (EU: 34.923)

Agriculture, contribution GNR (in %)
2011: 6,5 (EU: 1,5)


On the Caribbean island of Jamaica, the agricultural sector employs around one-fourth of the work force. In addition to coffee, ginger, cacao, tobacco and clothing, bauxite is also an important export product for the country. Since colonisation, much of the country has been cultivated and products introduced, such as bananas and various citrus fruits.

Total Produce B.V.’s collaboration with suppliers focuses on the well-known and increasingly popular tangelo fruit, a cross between a mandarin orange (tangerine) and grapefruit (pomelo). This fruit is sold under the UGLI® label, named for its unusual appearance with a spotted, pocked and uneven rind. But its taste is deliciously sweet.

The UGLI® was discovered in the wild on the island 80 years ago and then further developed by Trout Hall. This grower does not use any pesticides for the production of this tasteful fruit.

As a specialist in citrus fruit, Total Produce B.V. imports a unique fruit, the UGLI®, from Jamaica and is the exclusive importer for all of Europe.