Country of origin

Juye Goodfarmer



Garlic originally comes from Siberia and Western Asia and was used to promote health for centuries. Nowadays, it is a popular seasoning ingredient, although it continues to be used for medicinal purposes. In Russia, garlic is known as the ‘poor man’s penicillin’. China is by far the largest producer of garlic in the world. Centuries of experience with the product and optimised cultivation methods has enabled China to position itself as a ‘garlic specialist’.

Total Produce B.V. works together with the reputable grower Goodfarmer and supplies its buyers with garlic under a label of the same name.

The label has become popular through the years because it guarantees consistently good quality. (Dried) garlic has a long shelf life, provided it is stored properly with the right amount of atmospheric humidity, temperature and regulated air circulation.

Total Produce B.V. has acquired a strong position in terms of garlic because it was one of the first parties to do business in China. Through the years, a product has been developed in collaboration with the supplier that meets the requirements and needs of European buyers.