Country of origin
Costa Rica and Panama


Fyffes Gold and TOP


The pineapple is a highly recognisable tropical fruit. Originally from South America, the product is now grown in virtually every tropical region of the world. The plant requires considerable sun, heat, rain and a large degree of care. Pineapple production takes around 14 to 18 months and, during this period, the pineapple plant produces only a single fruit.

Total Produce B.V. imports extra sweet MD2 pineapples from Cost Rica and Panama, working together with several major growers all to be marketed under the premium label Fyffes.

Not only are these pineapples deliciously sweet, but also very healthy. This tropical fruit - with its characteristic aroma - contains large quantities of vitamins, minerals and the substance bromelain. This enzyme has a positive effect on digestion, among other things.

Pineapple production is highly intensive. It demands specialist knowledge, planning and care in order to achieve the desired size and volumes at the right time. Total Produce B.V. functions as a chain manager in pineapple cultivation and is closely involved in the entire process, from production to distribution.